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Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

A small and growing congregation; caring for each other and caring in the community.

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“The Spirit of God lies all about the spirit of humankind like a mighty sea, ready to rush in at the smallest chink in the walls that shut Him out from His own, walls which even thetone of a violin or the smell of a rose is sometimes enough to rend.” George MacDonald(quoted in Finding Faith by Brian McLaren, 1999)We can look at Pentecost through many lenses. If we read it alongside of Genesis 11 - the story of the Tower of Babel - we might attend to the languages and how God uses differing languages to scatter one people and to gather another. If we read it alongside of Ezekiel 37 - the valley of dry bones - we might attend to the spirit/breath that infuses the church, bringing it to birth or new life. We might connect it to the 2nd creation story in Genesis 2, when God breathes life into the lump of clay called Adam. If we read it alongside of thetradition of Shavuot from Leviticus 23, we might see how it is a reframing of thecelebration of the day God provided Israel with the Law, as told in Exodus 19.Whatever lens we view Pentecost through, it is a reminder that God continues the workthat Jesus started in us and in the world. God’s Spirit stands beside us, gives us strength and ‘inspiration’ to live our lives in tune with Jesus’ message of new life for all. May we seek the renewal of the Spirit in our hearts, minds and actions so we may be equipped for the future god invites us into.Peace,Rev. John Dacey ... See MoreSee Less
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