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The life of Uniting Church & Warnervale congregation

We are a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia, a small but growing community
of God’s people following Jesus Christ and God’s call to live with faith, hope and love in the
Our vision is to be a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive Church to share the Good News of Jesus
and support and care for each other and our local community.


Our People


May the grace of the Lord, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.
I am a minister of Warnervale Uniting Church. I am
writing this letter to say hello and to introduce
myself as a minister with a warm heart. My name is
Sunny Lee.

Suy Lee minister of warervale uniting church

My Korean name means also ‘Sunny’.  Whenever I
hear someone calling me ‘Sunny’, I feel freshness as
it always sounds cheerful.
Warnervale Uniting church is my first placement
since I have finished all the ministerial formation and theological training courses at United Theological

I was ordained last September(2020) and inducted as a minister at Warnervale. And I’ve started
to work here on 18 October in 2020.
I have a family: my husband Harry, and twin daughters. We immigrated to Australia in 2010, when my
twins were in year six.

I was called to ministry when I was in Korea after the marriage. Before calling to ministry, I worked for
publishing companies as an editor for ten years. After the calling into ministry, I started to study Christian
mission and Islam religion: which is exactly about the history of the relationship between Christianity and
Islam as the first step of ministry engagement. And then, God led me to study the Uniting church
theology and minitrial formation course in 2014.

I am very grateful for being a part of the Uniting Church.
I love our church, Warnervale Uniting Church. We are a very active and inclusive community of the
Church. I love our congregation as we are passionate to gather in the name of Christ and care for one
another in God’s love, and also, we are very open and embrace others.

I hope we grow together in faith
and always keep in touch in many ways: face to face meetings, texting, emailing and calling.

You can contact me during the week, Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.
I love to meet you always.
Blessings, Rev. Sunny Lee

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