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WELCOME TO THE Warnervale Regional Uniting Church A Centre For Community WORSHIP TIMES
Return to “in person” worship deferred

due to Government health advice

Worship Times

In-person worship deferred

due to Government health advice

Our Facebook page has weekly online resources.

A weekly reading, devotion and prayer

can be found on this page.

The safety of all continues to be the priority.

Worship Times

In-person worship deferred

due to Government health advice

Our Facebook page has weekly online resources.

A weekly reading, devotion and prayer

can be found on this page.

The safety of all remains the priority.




We have 4 different groups with room for more.

Contact: 4330 5334


Come along and join in on Tuesday mornings.

Contact Dorothy 4393 0878


Come along and join in on Friday mornings. 

Contact Anne 4393 9876


4th Thursday each month. Outings and Guest Speakers.

A group for men and women

Contact Dorothy 0422 046 100


2nd Thursday each month

Wyong Golf Club

Contact Carolyn 0410 651 437

Over 50’S

Wednesday morning

Church Hall

Kate Clark 0425 269 685


Mondays & Wednesday

Morning and evening

Caroline Fadi  0410 529 270

Pregnant Pilate

Thursday evening

Contact Rebekah

Tai Chi
All ages

Monday 12.30pm &

Tuesday both am & pm

David Ross 0410 050 080

Gingerbread House Making 

Due to ongoing concerns re social distancing Church Council have decided to cancel this event for 2020. We look forward to hosting this annual night next year at Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

Partnering With The Community

Our volunteers provide Monday morning toast for children in local public school.

Working together to support our community.


Bringing stories from the Bible to local Public School Children.

All teachers appropriately accredited.


We have members on the Committee which aims to prevent, reduce and eliminate domestic and family violence on the Central Coast through education, awareness, advocacy and community engagement.

We participate in annual walks and have a White Garden with an area for quiet contemplation.


2yr home-based early learning and parenting program. We assist Burnside with catering and graduation venue.


We actively collect food to be distributed through Burnside (Wyong).


We support We Care Connect, a community not-for-profit program helping vulnerable children on the NSW Central Coast, by providing new socks and undies.

Vision of a Pilgrim People

We will become a holistic centre enriching life and community through Christian faith, worship, social support, learning, physical and artistic endeavour. We will celebrate the connection of Spirit, Body and Mind through faith in God and working with, and for, our local communities.

Reading for Upcoming Worship

The whole company of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron there in the wilderness. The Israelites said, “Why didn’t God let us die in comfort in Egypt where we had lamb stew and all the bread we could eat? You’ve brought us out into this wilderness to starve us to death, the whole company of Israel!”

God said to Moses, “I’m going to rain bread down from the skies for you. The people will go out and gather each day’s ration. I’m going to test them to see if they’ll live according to my Teaching or not. On the sixth day, when they prepare what they have gathered, it will turn out to be twice as much as their daily ration.”

Moses and Aaron told the People of Israel, “This evening you will know that it is God who brought you out of Egypt; and in the morning you will see the Glory of God. Yes, he’s listened to your complaints against him. You haven’t been complaining against us, you know, but against God.”

Moses said, “Since it will be God who gives you meat for your meal in the evening and your fill of bread in the morning, it’s God who will have listened to your complaints against him. Who are we in all this? You haven’t been complaining to us—you’ve been complaining to God!”

Moses instructed Aaron: “Tell the whole company of Israel: ‘Come near to God. He’s heard your complaints.’”

When Aaron gave out the instructions to the whole company of Israel, they turned to face the wilderness. And there it was: the Glory of God visible in the Cloud.

God spoke to Moses, “I’ve listened to the complaints of the Israelites. Now tell them: ‘At dusk you will eat meat and at dawn you’ll eat your fill of bread; and you’ll realize that I am Godyour God.’”

That evening quail flew in and covered the camp and in the morning there was a layer of dew all over the camp. When the layer of dew had lifted, there on the wilderness ground was a fine flaky something, fine as frost on the ground. The Israelites took one look and said to one another, man-hu (What is it?). They had no idea what it was. So Moses told them, “It’s the bread God has given you to eat.”

Exodus 16:2-15  The Message

A Look at the Reading

Probably the Israelites had eaten all the food they had brought with them and were getting hungry, not knowing where their next meal was to come from, they wanted meat and bread.

They started complaining to Moses but when they complained against Moses, they were really complaining against the God and not trusting God to provide.

God gave Moses very precise instructions for the people to follow. It was a test to see if the people would obey God and trust God completely.

The LORD spoke again to Moses and through Moses to the people. He had heard them complaining. God would provide for his people, they would eat meat in the evening and they would have bread in the morning. Then they would know that he was the LORD, the one God.

Sometimes we complain and want more than we need, we don’t trust God to know what is best for us. We must remember God loves us and cares for us. We should take each day as it comes and not worry about tomorrow.



Thank God! Pray to him by name!
    Tell everyone you meet what he has done!
Sing him songs, belt out hymns,
    translate his wonders into music!
Honor his holy name with Hallelujahs,
    you who seek God. Live a happy life!
Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works;
    be alert for signs of his presence.
Remember the world of wonders he has made,
    his miracles, and the verdicts he’s rendered.

Psalm 105:1-5  The Message


For any enquires regarding pricing and availability of our facilites, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: Users without Public Liability insurance must apply for coverage with the Uniting Church at least 14 days prior to the event.

Main Hall

Main Church Hall

6 sided room with seating for 200. Small raised area. LVT floors and good acoustics. Tables available. Air-conditioned.



Rectangular room with kitchen access seating 80-100 or approx. 65 seated at tables. Able to be divided. LVT flooring. Air-conditioned.  External access to safety gated grass area.


Office Spaces

Office Spaces

3 available for permanent exclusive hire or casual hire with the largest 26.3 sq.m. All have Air-conditioning. 2 have external and internal access. Carpet flooring.



Sunday 20th September

Call to Worship

God is with everyone.
God is in every place.
God is in every time.
God is here, and so we come to worship.

Readings for Today:

Exodus 16:2-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20:1-16

Message: Get off the Complain Train (Exodus 16:2-15, Matt 20:1-16)

Have you ever grumbled about your job? Have you ever complained about your boss? Did you ever think you deserved more pay? Be honest with yourselves. I'm sure we have all have at some time in our working lives. So we might be a little sympathetic with these workers who appear to be getting short changed. They put in a hard day's work. The ones coming late in the day worked an hour (60 minutes) and probably barely broke a sweat. And they received the same pay as the ones who had been busting their hump from morning to evening. No fair! We've been cheated; robbed! Where's the union rep?! I don't care if you're generous-just lay some of that generosity on me too!"
But it comes back to what the person agreed to work for-not under threat, not under compulsion-but in wilful agreement. This parable is about the kingdom of heaven, as Jesus stated in verse one. So, where are WE in regards to this? We have come to Christ-not under compulsion, we're not forced labour; we've agreed to the contract. We've chosen to be servants of Christ. What has HE promised? Eternal life for those that follow him.
But along the way, things get difficult. Our life isn't a bed of roses and if it is, we must may laying on the thorny part. So what do we do? We complain; we grumble. This isn't how I thought things were going to go once I became a Christian. I thought living for Jesus would mean things would get better. Or how do we feel about the person who was a sinner their whole life and became a Christian in their final moments getting the same reward as the one who followed Jesus for most of their life? Does that seem fair? In the end what were we promised? Eternal life if we follow Jesus.
In the Gospel of John 21:18-22, after Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him and Peter answered, 'yes', Jesus said this "I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.” Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, “Follow me!”
Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. (This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, “Lord, who is going to betray you?”) When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me."
I don't think Peter didn't liked being told his life would not end too pretty. So he sees John and asks, "what about him"? If I had to elaborate I think Peter might've said, "Is he going to have to suffer like me or is he going to live a long, happy life?" And Jesus responds with, "What's that to you? That's my business. Didn't you just say you loved me? Didn't you just get upset because I asked you if you loved me three times? If you love me then follow me; don't worry about anyone else. I'm not treating you unfairly; this isn't favouritism. I'm a just God and you will surely receive your reward. Is your devotion contingent on what I do or don't do for you or what you see me do for others?"
When we get caught up in what God is doing for someone else we feel like we've been short changed. The workers thought they were being short changed but they weren't. Peter may have thought he was short changed but he wasn't. We might feel the same way but Jesus would ask us-how have I short changed you? What legitimacy is there to our complaint? Have we been given eternal life? Do we have the right to tell the landowner what to do with his resources? We need to remember that God loves us and provides for us and has already given us more than we deserve. We have no complaint.
Get off the complain train.
Phil. 2:14-16, "Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labour for nothing."
Paul is talking about our overall attitude toward life and fulfilling our duties. He's not talking about legitimate grievances. When there's a problem, filing a complaint is sometimes the appropriate course of action to take. But even in these circumstances we need to pick our battles. The chronic complainer is never satisfied with anything and therefore aims to file a grievance over just about anything. It's been said that the easiest thing to find is fault. It is apparently on record that a lady actually complained to the government that the extra hour of sunlight during Daylight Savings Time was burning up her lawn.
"Do everything without complaining or arguing". Some people do everything with complaining. And sometimes we're not aware of how much we complain until it gets pointed out. "Beverly was shocked when her husband finally addressed her negativity. "It's hard to come home from work and listen to you complain." "Me, complain?" she thought. She had never thought of herself as a complainer. Her husband continued, "I listen to you grumble that you were caught in traffic, or that your editor trashed the lead on which you worked so hard or that my mother demanded your time."
"I thought I was just telling you about my day," Beverly replied. "But it comes through in your tone and body language." For several weeks Beverly tried to utter no grumbles or complaints. But, when she had a particularly hard day the complaints came forth like a torrent. The next morning in her bible study she read how the Israelites had grumbled in their wanderings and how it was displeasing to God. Then she read Phil. 2:14. She focused on the word everything.
Beverly later wrote, 'now, evening conversations with my husband are more pleasant. I hear a lot more about his concerns by encouraging him to tell me his feelings before I leap with my problems. When I am tempted to launch into a monologue of the day's woes I remind myself that I don't want to quench the Holy Spirit with my complaining. And I pray that God will help me to reflect his love."
It's pretty hard to not complain about anything. It's easy to complain about some things-people, the weather, Murphy's law, etc. But Paul challenges us to do everything without complaining about it. We saw how Paul and Silas were praying and singing despite being severely beaten and thrown in jail. So it's possible to have a positive attitude in a harsh environment.
"So that". Paul wants us to stop arguing and complaining because these will get in the way of us living a pure and blameless life. We might not think these issues would have so much to do with the quality of our walk but they do. Paul could've highlighted a host of other sins that would get in the way but he hones in on arguing and complaining. So obviously these are pretty important factors when striving to live for Christ but why?
If I find myself being argumentative with people-especially God's people, there may be something more severe going on beneath the surface. If I'm a complainer, I may be complaining about whatever is in front of me at the moment but there's usually a deeper meaning and driving force behind my complaints. The negativity inside me is manifesting itself by being argumentative and complaining. Arguing and complaining isn’t a problem, but it's indicative of a more serious one. I'm not joyful; I'm not grateful. I'm losing touch with Christ. I'm not close to him, his word or his people. Through arguing and complaining I'm distancing myself from these things.
And I can be in denial about what the real problem is. I can think everything and everyone else is the problem but I haven't taken a good look at myself. If I think everything stinks maybe I haven't checked under my own nose. Paul Meier said, "A person who has a negative attitude toward himself will also be quite critical of others."
"Shine like stars". We are living in a world full of wickedness. We are called to be lights shining in the darkness. How bright can we be when we're arguing and complaining? How good is our witness when we're fighting with each other? What message does that send to those outside of the church? Quote: "An argument produces a lot of heat but not much light."
"As you hold out the word of life'. This can also be worded, 'as you hold onto the word of life'. In the Greek it means to apply it. This is key. As we hold onto and hold out the word of life, we'll be able to accomplish the blameless and pure life Paul talks about. However, if we find ourselves arguing and complaining, that will be counterproductive in accomplishing these goals. But, if we look at what Paul said at the beginning of the chapter, we see a great formula for being able to avoid complaining.
Phil. 2:1-5, "If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus."
Paul may be using the word "if" but they are really rhetorical questions. Since we've been encouraged and comforted; since we are privileged to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, since we have received tenderness and compassion, we need to be the same way toward others. Be like Christ and follow his example of humility and sacrifice for the good of others. If this is our attitude then there will be no room for arguing and complaining, only shining the light.


Prayers for our World

God of all creation, you hold the depths of the earth in your hands.
You are closer to us than the air we breathe.
Fill our souls with your wonderful love and light.
Give us strength and courage to reflect that love and light in the world.
Let us never shrink back from who we are in you or hide our light inside ourselves. Renew in us a sense of joy,
painting the dark shadows around us with your light, your love and your salvation.
Hear us today as we pray for a world too often darkened by hatred, evil, power and greed.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.

God of power and might, your broken world cries out from the depths,
a world dominated by the darkness of war, terror, pain and suffering.
We think of the on-going and deepening conflict in [Syria and the middle East].
We share the pain and anguish of those who have had to flee from their homes,
countries and livelihoods, who risk their lives,
desperate for a new start free from fear and war.
May they see your light, feel your strength and power
and know the truth of your promise
that we shall not be overcome by the dark shadows of life
or the darkness of human nature.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.

God of compassion and grace, we share with you our love and concern
for people in a dark place today.
We have on our hearts the friends and loved ones of the victims of violence and hatred.
We pray that they will find your strength
in the compassion and love of those around them.
We pray for tolerance in our society.
We pray for all Muslims suffering from Anti-Islamic hate crimes.
Let your light shine through the darkness of all their pain and their suffering.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.

God of life, we ask for your healing power
on those who are enduring pain and illness.
We especially think of ………………………
and all those we name quietly in our hearts……………………
We share the grief of people close to us, who’ve recently lost loved ones.
We especially think of ………………………………………………………
We remember that as we weep with the grieving,
we embrace the joy of ……………….
We know your everlasting light shines with us,
in moments of great sadness and great joy.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.

God of love and hope,
Renew in us a deeper sense of who we are in you.
Help us to be aware of your presence each and every day.
Make us instruments of love and praise.
May our words, actions and lives be living examples
of your forgiving, healing, life-giving love.


Our world is in need of people of goodwill
doing acts of kindness.
As we have been the beneficiaries
of God’s grace in this place today,
so we are called to be people of goodwill to all.

May God go with us in wisdom and grace.
May the example of Jesus shape our days.
May the Holy Spirit hold us in faith and justice.


Great is your faithfulness​​​​TiS.154
Take my life, and let it be​​​​TiS.599
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This one Sunday’s Service for the Home has been prepared and will be posted shortly.

Church office; 4330 5334
Postal Address: Post Office Box 6111, Gorokan, 2263
Website -http://warnervaleunitingchurch.org.au
Facebook - www.facebook.com/warnervaleregionalunitingchurch

You are invited to attend a gathering at the Worship Community Centre on Sunday 20th September 2020 at 2 p.m. to farewell Allan and Dawn. The program will include a short organ recital by Allan. As strict COVID SAFE protocol will be followed, we recommend that people arrive from 1.30 p.m. to allow time for temperature checks and signing in. We encourage people to wear masks and to not attend if feeling unwell. No refreshments permitted unfortunately, and social distancing must be observed please. There is a limit of 60 people able to attend. If you wish to attend, you will need to register.
To register please contact:
Judi Lees - Judi.lees@bigpond.com
Carolyn Chidgey - Carolyn.chidgey@gmail.com
Dulcie Butler - dulbru@bigpond.net.au
If you wish to contribute to the farewell gift, a box will be available on the day.
Whilst we can manage the occasional one-off gathering, the Church Council cautions against expecting an early return to weekly worship at this stage of the pandemic. We continue to closely monitor the situation.

SUNNY’S ORDINATION on September 18th
Dear Friends,
Invitation to Sunny Lee's Ordination via Zoom. You will receive an email with the link (it is in blue). Click on this about 10 minutes before 7 p.m., this should get you to the site. You may have to wait a little while as the Host needs to admit you.
If you are unsure or have any queries at all about using Zoom, please contact me and I will organise a trial. Warm regards, Dulcie Butler.
Date for the diary - 18th October, 2020 at. 2p.m.
Further details to follow

Warnervale Uniting Church.
CONGRATULATIONS to John King and his helpers for winning 1st prize
(Section 20—Business Premises/Churches)
Many thanks from all the congregation for all your hard work.

The new directory will be available for collection from 17 August 2020.
Those people who have completed a new form for this year, may collect and sign for their copy on a Monday between 12pm and 1pm, or a Wednesday between 11am and 1pm.
Thank you, Ann Hewitt-Davie
Privacy Officer WRUC

Wednesdays 1-3pm.
This group has continued to meet from the start of the lockdown, first by phone and then at our home when restrictions were lifted. We enjoy a time of watching favourite songs on screen with beautiful scenes ( we don’t sing them) we are studying the book of Acts on screen with the exact words as in the NIV translation portrayed, then look at questions with answers. No preparation beforehand is needed. We have some great discussions about topics which are current. This week we are up to chapter 17. After going through some questions, a time of prayer is led by Rev Roger Hibbard. Then we enjoy fellowship around the table with coffee. We would love to have some more people and there should be room for about 4 more people to attend with social distancing in place. If you would like to come please contact Dawn or Jeff Ruckley.

SAFE WATER PROJECT PNG - It is time to support this project. Life is a bit different these days so we will not be organising this in our usual way. You could still have a jar at home to collect money for this important program. We will collect until 30th September.

Information from Uniting World.
Frequent and proper hand hygiene is one of the most important measures to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.
Our partners the United Church in Papua New Guinea are working across 17 communities in Milne Bay province to run COVID-19 awareness sessions and installing hand washing stations with soap, instructional posters and steps so children can reach.
In PNG, the third most difficult place in the world to access clean water, most people have only one water source - and it is often dirty enough to kill them. One person dies every minute around the world from complications relating to dirty water. Most of them are children. But faced with little awareness about clean water and sanitation, what real choices are there? Lack of options for hand washing and clean water force people to choose unsafe sources, a lifestyle that can kill.
We’re training health workers who are changing all that, and your choice to get involved makes a huge difference. When you donate to our water and sanitation work, as many of you already have, you’re supporting communities to gain access to clean water and learn new habits that save lives. It’s such a simple act that makes such a huge difference
Blessings, Dulcie.

Our Earth, God's beautiful Creation, and all those who are determined to be better stewards.
The young adult leaders of our Uniting Church. May they grow in the knowledge of God's infinite love, be shaped by Jesus' words and ministry, and be inspired by the Holy Spirit in their sense of purpose.
Our partners in the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan as they try to support their members in difficult, dangerous and deadly circumstances.
In these times of separation, we might be unaware of each others’ need of prayer. If you are in this situation and would like prayer support for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Roger Hibbard, your pastoral carers, or Jill Farnsworth to initiate prayer on your behalf on the Prayer Chain.

Ex 16: 2-15
Ps 105: 1-6, 37-45
Phil 1: 21-30
Mt 20: 1-16

1. Turramurra Uniting Church online – just type this heading into your on-line search for easy directions to connect to 9am Family worship, 10.45am Traditional worship or 6.30pm Young and young at heart worship.
2. Streaming- Uniting Church in Australia Assembly (Facebook page) – 10am service – different UCA church each week.
3. Television – ABC. Songs of Praise 11.30am
You may consider inviting a church member near you to come and visit for a service. Remember hygiene and spacing

The banking details for direct debit -
Account name Warnervale Regional Uniting Church
BSB: 634 634
Account Number; 100023625
Offering cheques can be sent to Church Post Office Box 6111, Gorokan, 2263.
Marked: Attention Treasurer
Thank you to the people who have direct debited and sent cheques for what they would normally put in the plate at Sunday Worship. Grace.

Dear church family,
With the relaxation of some lockdown restrictions, Church Council would like to re-commence collections of food for Burnside and children’s underwear and socks for We Care Connect.
Items can be dropped at the Worship building twice weekly.
Mondays: 1-2pm
Wednesdays: 11am-1pm
In these difficult days and with the onset of winter, there is great need in the community.
Long-life food items and canned goods etc for Burnside, please check the expiry date on packaged items.
We Care Connect appreciate underwear and socks for children to age 14 years and pyjamas, particularly for ages 3-8 years.

John 11: 32-36 (Psalm 142: 2)
Do you long to be cared for? How does reflecting on Jesus’ care for you give you strength this day?
My friend Jesus, thank you that I can share with you all my grief and sin, and you bear them. When I face trials, trouble and temptations, help me take my cares to you, as you know my every weakness and care. In Jesus’ name, Amen

If you would like to join this group contact Dulcie, dulbru@bigpond.net.au

At 11.00 a.m. each day (or a time suitable for you) take a few minutes to pray for - Restoration of God’s Church in this world through the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
Thank you,
Blessings, Dulcie

Please feel free to contact any of the below
Pastoral Care; Rev Roger Hibbard; Lyndon Hewitt-Davies
Church Council; Rev Alan Swain
Or any church council member or your pastoral carer- even if it is just for a chat.

We have available a children’s activities pack each week. If you are not receiving one but would like one for your grandchildren or other little ones you know (suitable for 5-10),
Please leave a message on the office email ucawarnervale@gmail.com or almaswain@bigpond.com


Please remember to save stamps, however few, for mission funding.
Many thanks, Jill Farnsworth

God’s blessings and a Happy Birthday to each of our congregation members who are celebrating a birthday this week.
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And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ, being filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.
Philippians 1:9-11 NKJV
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A beautiful new song from Leichhardt UC

Sing God a brand-new song!
Earth and everyone in it, sing!
Sing to God — worship God!
Psalm 96:1-2 The Message
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251 Warnervale Road,
Hamlyn Terrace
NSW 2259



251 Warnervale Road,
Hamlyn Terrace
NSW 2259