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WELCOME TO THE Warnervale Regional Uniting Church A Centre For Community WORSHIP TIMES

Sunday Worship at 9.30am


weekly @ 9.30 am via ZOOM

Worship Times

Sunday Service 9.30am via ZOOM

for rostered attendants

wearing of face masks is a

mandatory requirement

from Monday 4th January 2021

Latest online service link listed below.

Worship Times

Sunday service 9.30am via ZOOM

for rostered attendants

wearing of face masks is a

mandatory requirement

from Monday 4th January 2021

Latest on-line service link listed below.




We have 3 different groups with room for more.

Contact: 4330 5334


Come along and join in on Tuesday mornings.

Contact Dorothy: 4330 5334


Come along and join in on Friday mornings. 

Contact Anne 4393 9876


4th Thursday each month. Outings and Guest Speakers.

A group for men and women

Contact Dulcie 4397 1363


2nd Thursday each month

Wyong Golf Club

Contact Carolyn 4330 5598

Over 50’S

Wednesday morning

Church Hall

Kate Clark 0425 269 685


Mondays & Wednesday

Morning and evening

Caroline Fadi  0410 529 270

Pregnant Pilate

Thursday evening

Contact Rebekah

Tai Chi
All ages

Tuesday both am & pm

David Ross 0410 050 080

Gingerbread House Making 

Due to ongoing concerns re social distancing Church Council have decided to cancel this event for 2020. We look forward to hosting this annual night next year at Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

Partnering With The Community

Our volunteers provide Monday morning toast for children in local public school.

Working together to support our community.


Bringing stories from the Bible to local Public School Children.

All teachers appropriately accredited.


We have members on the Committee which aims to prevent, reduce and eliminate domestic and family violence on the Central Coast through education, awareness, advocacy and community engagement.

We participate in annual walks and have a White Garden with an area for quiet contemplation.


2yr home-based early learning and parenting program. We assist Burnside with catering and graduation venue.


We actively collect food to be distributed through Burnside (Wyong).


We support We Care Connect, a community not-for-profit program helping vulnerable children on the NSW Central Coast, by providing new socks and undies.

Worship Resources for Pilgrim People

We will become a holistic centre enriching life and community through Christian faith, worship, social support, learning, physical and artistic endeavour. We will celebrate the connection of Spirit, Body and Mind through faith in God and working with, and for, our local communities.

Reading for Upcoming Worship


Come, see for yourself!

The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee. When he got there, he ran across Philip and said, “Come, follow me.” (Philip’s hometown was Bethsaida, the same as Andrew and Peter.)

Philip went and found Nathanael and told him, “We’ve found the One Moses wrote of in the Law, the One preached by the prophets. It’s Jesus, Joseph’s son, the one from Nazareth!” Nathanael said, “Nazareth? You’ve got to be kidding.”

But Philip said, “Come, see for yourself.”

When Jesus saw him coming he said, “There’s a real Israelite, not a false bone in his body.”

Nathanael said, “Where did you get that idea? You don’t know me.”

Jesus answered, “One day, long before Philip called you here, I saw you under the fig tree.”

Nathanael exclaimed, “Rabbi! You are the Son of God, the King of Israel!”

Jesus said, “You’ve become a believer simply because I say I saw you one day sitting under the fig tree? You haven’t seen anything yet! Before this is over you’re going to see heaven open and God’s angels descending to the Son of Man and ascending again.”

John 1:43-51  The Message

A Look at the Reading

Jesus meets a man named Philip who becomes Jesus’ disciple. Philip was probably Andrew and Simon’s friend and he wanted to tell the good news about Jesus to other people. So Philip went to find his friend called Nathanael. Nathanael was surprised that Jesus was from Nazareth, perhaps he thought that the Messiah would come from a more important place than Nazareth.

Philip doesn’t argue but invited Nathanael to see Jesus for himself. We can learn from this. We can argue with people about religion, but it is better to tell the good news about Jesus and how he has changed our lives.

Jesus had never met Nathanael, but he knew Nathanael’s character and attitudes. Jesus knows everything, he knows the good things and the bad things about us. We cannot hide anything from him.

It was a common custom to sit under a shady fig tree and think about God and the scriptures. Nathanael was surprised that Jesus knew this about him, it convinced him that Jesus was God’s Son.

Verse 51 may be a reference to Jacob’s dream (Genesis 28:12). In this dream, Jacob saw a ladder that reached from earth to heaven and God’s angels were going up and down on this ladder. Jesus is like this ladder, because he connects people to God, he is the conduit, the go-between.


You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
    you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down;
    you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue
    you, Lord, know it completely.
You hem me in behind and before,
    and you lay your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.  Amen.

Psalm 139:1-6  NIV


Here is the link to view the latest Zoom service.


For any enquires regarding pricing and availability of our facilites, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: Users without Public Liability insurance must apply for coverage with the Uniting Church at least 14 days prior to the event.

Main Hall

Main Church Hall

6 sided room with seating for 200. Small raised area. LVT floors and good acoustics. Tables available. Air-conditioned.



Rectangular room with kitchen access seating 80-100 or approx. 65 seated at tables. Able to be divided. LVT flooring. Air-conditioned.  External access to safety gated grass area.


Office Spaces

Office Spaces

3 available for permanent exclusive hire or casual hire with the largest 26.3 sq.m. All have Air-conditioning. 2 have external and internal access. Carpet flooring.


SUNDAY SERVICE (17 Jan) – Second Sunday after Epiphany Welcome and Announcement Please see the newsletterCall to Worship Altogether The one who calls you together this day yearns for each of you and for all people to hear and be blessed. Speak, Lord, for your servants are listening. Blessed is the One who comes bringing trustworthy words for the healing of the world. Speak, Lord for your servants are listening. Prayer of Adoration (based on Ps 139) Hymn- TIS 105 "Let all the World in Every Corner Sing" Prayer of Confession Assured that the One who calls us to hear and obey already knows the confession of our hearts and is ready to forgive, let us confess our sin before God and before one another. Holy God, you see into each of us and know us fully as creatures in need of your constant care. We confess that we have neither heard your word nor followed your will. We have failed our nation, neighbours, families, friends, and ourselves. Give us ears to hear your wisdom. Lead us to honesty and faith so that we may begin again with renewed strength. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Hymn TIS 106 "Now thank we all our God"Bible Readings 1 Samuel 3:1-20 Bible reader: Reveal your truth and teach us faithful obedience to your holy Word. All: in the name of Christ, Jesus, Amen. SERMON In your life, have you ever thought that the place where you are living is where you should be? Do you believe that God has guided you to your current house, friends, neighbours, or congregation? Indeed, we can ask ourselves if we have faith that God placed us where we are now(belonging). What else from our environment can we say to identify ourselves? Language, culture, relationships, and ages. We could say all different elements form who we are now and how we live. Where are we now? Significantly we've been experiencing enormous scientific development; we've been living in the age of equality and diversity; we've been living in the global world where all the people/nations can share most critical topics. Notably, we've been sharing a distinctive way of lifestyle due to COVID pandemic. As we pass through a pandemic, there is no doubt we have sensed the limit of science more than any time, but at the same time, we expect and rely on the new human technology especially in medical science more than ever. Yes, as we experience the pandemic's global sufferings, we become to recognise our frailty and become hopeful strongly. Yes, we share the particular current challenges while we stand firm in faith and hope to God in the present.Today, we read 1 Samul 3.1-20. What era did Samuel live in through the passage? Samuel is in a very different situation from us: He lived in a tribal society that relied on charismatic leaders. Their ethical and legal governance was transmitted from father to son within a community. Now it is time for the tribal community to be changed as we read this passage. The story begins at the temple. We know this is the story of the calling. Overall, the story sounds peaceful: Samuel realises the calling and responds to it; Eli, the priest, accepts it faithfully as well. We can not find any particular conflict and struggling from this story. However, in this nice little story, a new and crucial historical story begins: it is about the story of the trustworthy prophet, Samuel and his ministry. And later king's story emerges too. The story of the falling and the rising of many in Israel" (Luke 2:34) is all related to this little story; therefore, it has large implications. It was on the very night after Samuel finished all the routinary work when he heard the voice. He completed all the work of serving the Priest Eli, managing temple, and lighting God's lamp. It was his responsibility as a temple boy. Now he is lying in the temple. Reading through this episode, we can feel there is something similar to our daily lives. We recognise that even though our daily and ordinary routine is not always impressive, it eventually connects us to a dramatic moment of our lives. Staying faith and working daily, eating healthy meals, steadfast praying, reading the Bible, and maintaining a good relationship(fellowship) give us good chances to grow in faith and join God's ministry.Now Samuel is lying down in the temple after finishing his daily duties. It is the place he could hear God. The light was not on yet. The Lord called "Samuel! Samuel! And he said, "Here I am" Samuel experienced God's voice while he was young, in a time when God's voice was not heard often and not expected. At night, the voice came to him in the dark, while he was alone, perhaps while sleeping.Interestingly, it was a time when there was not much good preaching: "Yahweh's word was rare; there was no vision spreading about." One way to translate this verse is, "The word of the Lord was not as vivid as it had once been." Samuel is presumably now somewhat older, though he can still be described as a "boy." As in 1:9, the sanctuary is described as Yahweh's palace; it is where the great king deigns to reside or stands for God's covenant relationship with Israel. Samuel sleeps there as a kind of guard until the light that burns there all night goes out at dawn. The light not having yet gone out also has a symbolic significance. There is an element of darkness, but also there is an element of light. Samuel's calling takes place in the night-time, but the voice came out in the light place of sanctuary. And the lamp of God is still there. The light refers to the image of God's presence, we know. Likewise, as we go through the dark tunnel, we only walk toward the light. Despite the light being small and not bright, we can walk toward the light. That's because we know the light means the end of the tunnel. Like the light in the dark tunnel, God shows God's presence in the world. That's our faith and confession. Also, reading through this episode, we see God's generosity for Eli, as he is still wise enough to recognise the voice of God in Samuel's life. Eli discerns God's voice. Perhaps Eli is no more to be faulted than Samuel for failing to realise what is going on. However, the story may imply that the senior and experienced priest ought to have had more clue. When God is summoning, Eli accepts God's judgment gracefully. He agrees with the responsibility of his position and the punishment. Eli recognises the failing of those under him, even when it means his disgrace. Now he sees Samuel has been growing up in God's presence (2:21), which implies that Samuel has been growing up with a knowledge of God and in commitment to God. It is not easy for us to accept our vulnerabilities and frailty, but we benefit from humility. Particularly like Eli, we gain wisdom from God as we commit ourselves. Just like Eli discerns that calling Samuel from God and he tells that it would eventually become a great judge and leader in Israel. He shows us deep humility, as well. After Eli heard the judgement from Samuel, Eli never questioned. We could question that he almost seems unfair as he could not stop his sons' sinning. But he does not resist God's choice (to Samuel). Finally, Eli is judged not because of his own sins but due to others' actions, namely his sons. Besides, we can find a new way of calling from God. Samuel's calling shows that God's revelation moves from vision to sound: The story here moves from depending upon view to depending upon hearing as a way to know God's presence. In some ways seeing God was considered very dangerous, and hearing less so, but hearing God is a powerful and holy experience. Concluding this message, I quote a writing from Bobin Brown: "Once gain, we begin in darkness and end in light; begin in uncertainty and end in faith. Vision were not widespread. Eli could not see; and the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to Samuel. But the lamp of God had not yet gone out- always there is the light of God shining in the darkness." (Homily Service, 39(2), 31-38) Amen. Offering Our offerings are a thanksgiving for these gifts. Open now your hearts and share your possessions so that the church’s work is made strong for the sake of this needy world. Bless in every way, O Lord, the gifts of the people here given. Enrich the ministries of your people and make us grateful to be able to let go of the things we do not, finally, own. Amen. Prayer of the people Gracious Lord, as we continue to slowly make our way into this new year, we turn to you with our concerns, our hopes and our fears as the pandemic is still with us, disrupting our lives and our church. What will this year bring for us? We pray that you will be very present to us in every aspect of our lives, helping to shape our plans for our personal lives and for our church life. Speak to us Lord and help us to listen to and be faithful with the mission you have for each one of us – in our homes and families, in our community groups, in our church activities. Yes, Lord, help us to be trustworthy for you. Guide and bless our minister Sunny as she opens up your Word to us in fresh ways and helps us to face the trials and blessings ahead. Bless the Church Council and the wider councils of the church, guiding us as we seek to reopen in new and old ways this year. May your Kingdom come!Lord, we pray for those known to us who are sick or struggling with issues at this time. We pause to silently name them now, asking for your blessing and healing to be upon them…… Thank you, Lord. We pray also for our world as it seeks to overcome the devastating pandemic. Protect and guide all who are on the front lines giving medical help, tracing sources of infection, testing and giving immunisations. Bring healing and hope to our hurting world. We pray all these prayers in Christ’s name Amen. Now, as Jesus taught us, let us pray together The Lord’s Prayer Hymn - “Blessed Be Your Name” Blessing The peace of Christ, crucified and risen for all, go with you this day and always. Blessing Hymn The Source "This is the day” ... See MoreSee Less
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NEWSLETTER SUNDAY 17th JANUARY 2021SUNDAY SERVICES 9.30am Live streaming service at 9.30 am Sunday via zoom.Our Sunday service is uploaded on Facebook.After careful consideration of the latest NSW COVID-SAFE restrictions, the Church Council resolved to re-open the Warnervale Worship Centre for hybrid services from 24/1/2021 at 9:30 a.m. By "hybrid" we mean that everyone will now have four choices each Sunday. 1. Register each week to attend Church - maximum of 49 at this stage. If some have to miss out one week they will be offered priority the following week' 2. Connect at home via Zoom. 3. Use the "at home" printed worship service. 4. Watch on Church Facebook.Rev. Sunny LeeChurch office: 4330 5334Postal Address: Post Office Box 6111, Gorokan, 2263Email: ucawarnervale@gmail.comWebsite -http://warnervaleunitingchurch.org.au Facebook - www.facebook.com/warnervaleregionalunitingchurch Sunday Worship – 9.30am via ZOOMPastoral Care: Rev Sunny Lee or Rev Roger Hibbard Church Council: Rev Alan Swain To register for Church attendance please phone, text or email Judi Lees or Carolyn Chidgey COVID-SAFE conditions will apply. 1. ALL MUST sign in - we now have QR Code check. 2. ALL MUST sanitise. 3. ALL EXCEPT CHILDREN under 12 must wear a mask. 4. NO SINGING - except upfront singers, 1.5m from each other (and other musicians) all facing the same way at least 5m from congregants. 5. NO GATHERING in foyer or worship area before or after Service. 6. Plastic chairs will be used, COVID Ushers will distribute disinfectant wipes at the end of the service for you to clean and pack up chair (if you are able). Bring a cushion for comfort if you wish.NEW WEEKDAY SERVICEWe will be offering a weekday service, this will be a repeat service of the previous Sunday Service minus the Children's Talk and there will be no Zoom. This service will be held in the Worship Centre on a Friday at 10:30a.m. commencing on 5/2/2021.OFFERINGSThe banking details for direct debit -Account name Warnervale Regional Uniting Church BSB: 634 634 Account Number; 100023625 Offering cheques can be sent to Church Post Office Box 6111, Gorokan, 2263.Marked: Attention TreasurerThank you to the people who have direct debited and sent cheques for what they would normally put in the plate at Sunday Worship. Grace.Offering envelopes for 2021 are now available at the church. Carolyn.REGULAR WEEKLY ACTIVITIES Some classes will be in recession for the Christmas Holidays. Please contact the organiser to confirm.THURSDAY LUNCHES CANCEL THURSDAY LUNCHES Due to recent Corona virus update we are cancelling the January lunch Enquires CarolynCHRISTMAS BOWLTogether, we can help give refugees in different parts of the world the long-term support they need to build safe, peaceful futures. Christ tells us that peace is always possible. The Christmas Bowl and envelops are placed in the foyer. Please join in sharing God’s love through the Christmas Bowl 2020.WORLD DAY OF PRAYER Friday 5th March 2021 VENUE; Lakes Baptist Church, 45 Marks Road, Gorokan 10.00am morning tea11.00am Service - Build on a strong foundation—VANUATU Meeting for Co-ordinators to be held at Lakes Baptist Church hall on Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 10.00am. Anyone interested in helping with planning, contact Margaret Tomlin Email: margarettomlin1938@icloud.comBURNSIDE/ SOCKS & JOCKS DONATIONSDonations for the above can be made on Thursdays between 11am and 1pm. ZOOM VOLUNTEER WANTEDBruce and Harry have been working on the Zoom service for Sunday worship and want someone to help with the camera, computer, and Zoom. Anyone available once in a month or every two weeks is welcome. We will give them training until they get used to it. And then we will organise rosters for the IT jobs on Sunday service. If you are interested, please call Bruce or just come to Church at 8:30am on Sunday. Thanks Bruce and HarryBIBLE STUDY GROUPS @ WARNERVALESome groups may be in recess over the holiday period – please check with organiser.Judith's Bible Study Time: Monday 1.30- 3pmPlace: Warnervale Worship Centre This group shares reflection on the Common Revised Lectionary texts (weekly basis) and fellowship. Please contact Judith Kinder for details Dawn & Jeff Bible Study Time: Wednesday 1.00-3pm Place: Ruckley's house This group is reading through the book of Acts with prayers and fellowship. Please contact Dawn Ruckley for details. Nareen Residents & Friends Bible Study Group Time: Friday 2.00-4.00 pm Place: The Activities Room of Uniting Nareen Terrace This group is reflecting on the Bible with a booklet, praying together & enjoying fellowship Please contact Jill Farnsworth for details.SUNDAY WORSHIP ROSTERSOpportunities will be available to participate in the services once again. Please think if you would like to help and be on the monthly roster.We are looking for volunteers to do the children’s talk before the sermon on Sunday mornings. We also need COVID ushers. These volunteers should have no or minimal mobility issues since they will have to usher congregants to their seats and provide wipes after the service to wipe down chairs. The tasks of the ushers are : • Manage the door and get everyone entering the church building to use hand sanitizer and fill out the register. • Usher congregants to their seats. • Provide wipes to the congregants after the service to wipe down seats. • Manage the door and ensure that everybody who signed-in also signs-out. • Wipe down pens that have been used to sign the register. My email address and phone number are in the directory. Kind Regards, LaetitiaTODAY’S READINGS1 Sam 3: 1-10 (11-20) Ps 139: 1-6, 13-18 1 Cor 6: 12-20 John 1: 43-51REFLECTION FOR TODAY Prov 15: 23 The power of words PRAYERLord God, I want to always find joy in giving an apt reply. May I keep guarding what comes out of my mouth, recognising the power of my words, that they are life-giving, kind and timely. In Jesus’ name, AmenJOIN US IN PRAYERMerciful Father, we pray for families in self-isolation, the elderly at home and in our aged care facilities, our staff and volunteers serving communities. May your wisdom and understanding be present in this land. May your compassions bring together families that are apart We also pray for the Spirit of life and compassion to unite people, care for each other, share the same destiny and seek the same healing. Lord hear us, hear our prayers.11am PRAYER Loving God, Each day I/we pray along with my/our congregation for the restoration of God’s Church in this world through the Spirit of Your Son Jesus Christ. In this time of great turmoil, I/we also pray for the health and safety of all the vulnerable and marginalised across the world at this time. May you keep them safe and bring them into the greater congregation of Your Church. Amen.PRAYER CHAINOur Prayer Chain partners are waiting for you to tell us your prayerful needs. As a community of prayer, our congregation has been doing an extraordinary ministry of the prayer chain. For the request of your prayer lease contact Jill Farnsworth.PLEASE SEND ALL NOTICES FOR THE NEWS SHEET BY TUESDAY EVENING TO: ucawarnervale@gmail.comPlease remember to save stamps, however few, for mission funding.Many thanks, Jill FarnsworthGod’s blessings and a Happy Birthday to each of our congregation members who are celebrating a birthday this week. ... See MoreSee Less
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WORSHIP ARRANGEMENTS – COVID-19 update.After careful consideration of the latest NSW COVID-SAFE restrictions, the Church Council resolved to re-open the Warnervale Worship Centre for hybrid services from 24/1/2021 at 9:30 a.m.By "hybrid" we mean that everyone will now have four choices each Sunday.1. Register each week to attend Church - maximum of 49 at this stage. If some have to miss out one week they will be offered priority the following week'2. Connect at home via Zoom.3. Use the "at home" printed worship service.4. Watch on Church facebook.We are also offering a weekday service, this will be a repeat service of the previous Sunday Service minus the Children's Talk and there will be no Zoom. This service will be held in the Worship Centre on a Friday at 10:30a.m. commencing on 5/2/2021.REMINDER- All plans are subject to changes with Government ruling.To register for Church attendance please phone, text or email Judi Lees or Carolyn Chidgey COVID-SAFE conditions will apply.1. ALL MUST sign in - we now have QR Code check.2. ALL MUST sanitise.3. ALL EXCEPT CHILDREN under 12 must wear a mask.4. NO SINGING - except upfront singers, 1.5m from each other (and other musicians) all facing the same way at least 5m from congregants.5. NO GATHERING in foyer or worship area before or after Service.6. Plastic chairs will be used, COVID Ushers will distribute disinfectant wipes at the end of the service for you to clean and pack up chair (if you are able). Bring a cushion for comfort if you wish.VOLUNTEERS - As we will be having a Friday service each week we need more volunteers to be COVID-Ushers, bible readers and for prayers.More volunteers are need for Sunday Services as well, as per above plus Zoom operator and camera operator.BlessingsChurch Council ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear Warnervales,“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19)Over the past week, I have been very grateful for your support and encouragement.After the new prayer room advertisement, I received many interests, supports, and compliments. It has also become a better place for prayer and reflection as we have a pretty cushion, CD player, and CD. Thank you for your donation.While preparing this space, I thought about what I could do here. Of course, it is a prayer space, but I thought, in this space of prayer, who, when, and how we can get together? While praying in this space, I imagined our people coming here and praying. This new place is whispering to me to invite you.You feel like to invite someone after decorating your house. Don’t you? While preparing this place, I thought a lot about having someone here. I want two or three people to gather together in this small space to pray, read words, and share their reflections, as written in the bible “I would be with you in the place where two orthree people gathered in my name”. Our community starts with those two or three little people.Likewise, in your space, two or three people can gather to share the Lord's words and pray together. Not many people can come together due to Covid-19. However, a couple of people can share this small chapel for prayer, praise, and talk. If it is hard tocome to the church, how about making a small chapel in your place? Your friends, neighbour or church members will be able to pray, drink coffee, read the bible, and share it. I have thought of you while Warnervale's small chapel was being made.Although we have many restrictions in the Covid era, I hope a community where two or three people gather and take care of each other as Christians. And whenever you feel lonely, I imagine you dating God in our little sacred place. Please remember thatthis small chapel of our Warnervale Church will always be like home of your hearts.Remember that the church began in a place where two or three people were gathered, and just as the Lord is there with you, we are the church that enjoys the companionship of the Holy Spirit as the disciples of the Lord and as children of God.Also, remember that we are a community of Christ inviting people and participating in the holiness of the Lord together.Especially, thank you, Bruce, Carolyn, Malcom (Carolyn’s friend), Ann and Alan & Marilyn for sharing your love. Blessings, Sunny ... See MoreSee Less
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251 Warnervale Road,
Hamlyn Terrace
NSW 2259



251 Warnervale Road,
Hamlyn Terrace
NSW 2259